Physical Therapy

The physical therapy evaluation process is used to evaluate any specific concerns that you have for your child regarding gross motor development or physical functioning in any setting (home, school, and in the community. Examples of areas that may be assessed include:

  • flexibility/range of motion
  • strength
  • balance
  • coordination
  • motor planning skills
  • endurance
  • gait

Once areas of concern are carefully assessed through observation or standardized assessment our physical therapists will determine what plan of treatment is best in order for your child to achieve the established goal. Various areas of focus could include: movement, reduction of pain, restoration or development of function and prevention of disability. (Established goals will directly reflect the results of the evaluation and the feedback given from caregivers regarding what skills are most meaningful to the child and family).

Our physical therapists are also available to assist you in obtaining orthoses or medical equipment that your child may need such as: walkers, medical strollers, adapted beds, adapted chairs, etc. Our physical therapists also strive to provide you with as much information regarding available community resources that may also facilitate improvement in the function of your child while in a more peer based environment.