How do I know if my child needs Occupational Therapy?

Your child may need OT if he/she has difficulty with:
  • Holding and manipulating toys
  • Completing visual motor tasks such as puzzles, using scissors, hand writing and copying information from the board
  • Tolerating a variety of sensory inputs (sand, swinging, loud sounds)
  • Eating
  • Coordination (using two hands together)
  • Developing a good grasp on a pencil
  • Sizing and spacing of letters
  • Learning how to dress themselves
Our pediatric occupational therapists can help with:
  • Fine motor skills
  • Developmental play skills
  • Visual motor / Visual perceptual skills
  • Sensory integration skills
  • Daily living / Self-help skills
  • Oral motor / Feeding skills
  • Sensory needs
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